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Well Done!

I’m thrilled I found your podcast! Concise and inciteful discussion from the players in ‘Higher Education’. I really enjoyed your interview with Aeron Zentner. Keep up the good work Brendan…thank you!

These are the voices of higher education

Great guests and perspectives! I really love how this show is featuring guests in such a wide variety of roles across the world of higher education.

Timely subject matter, informative discussion

The cost of higher education and it’s true value is discussed across all media platforms right now. This podcast takes a different angle and provides an informative discussion on the topic.

Inspire, Lead, Manage.

Great management tips for any industry but specifically great for information technology. Brendan can really pull the best information from any subject. 5/5 great listen!

Smooth interview!

Brendan listens and interacts well with his very knowledgeable guests. Informative and entertaining. Quite the combination!

Exceptional in-depth discussion relevant issues.

Powerful and thought provoking! Will definitely tune in again.

Topical and practical

You can tell Brendan is comfortable and knowledgeable about higher education with his insightful and probing questions, and Rick’s unique experiences deliver needed wisdom and perspective.

PCOM on the Higher Edge

Love the context and deep dive into Higher Ed tech. Brendan asks great questions and Rick’s insights are spot on.

Great start with lots of promise!

I’ve enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I really like the premise of highlighting people in Higher Ed who are doing something different to improve student success. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to new episodes.

Higher Edge

Very informative podcast. Brendan is a smooth interviewer with a great voice. Looking forward to next episode.

On point

I find this podcast to be timely and much needed, as the topics are relevant to higher education professional community. I look forward to hearing more of them.

Love the insights

What a great interview with Rick Smith of PCOM. It is nice to hear from someone who made the transition from industry to academia as CIO. Great insights and informative dialog.