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Oct. 11, 2022

National Student Clearinghouse: Inside Higher Education’s Data Collaborative (featuring Roberta Hyland)

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is a mission-driven organization that drives collaboration amongst institutions to support students across the country. 

As a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization, the NSC plays a key role in supporting these institutions that enroll over 97% of higher education students and more than 70% the nation’s high-school students. 

Roberta Hyland (https://www.linkedin.com/in/roberta-hyland-7825bb5/), Chief Data Officer at National Student Clearinghouse, takes us inside to share how she and her team are working to give school administrations The Higher Edge. 

Join us as we discuss:

The NSC’s goals as a mission-driven nonprofit (3:19)

Helping school administrations understand their unique data (9:49)

Using data to aid students in natural disasters (20:19) 

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:


National Student Clearinghouse - (https://www.studentclearinghouse.org/)

NSC Research Center - https://nscresearchcenter.org/ 

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